Why Jeff Lundy is "Plumb Crazy"

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Jeff Lundy started plumbing about 40 years ago, as an apprentice. Working for  big and small companies, he learned every type of plumbing imaginable. Why is that important to you? Frequently problems go beyond your home. Sometimes, the problem is not even your responsibility to fix. With complete knowledge of "how it all comes together". he can tell you honestly and quickly "what's going on". 

When it comes to remodeling he treats your money like it's his own. You are the boss. He is simply there to make your dreams come true AFFORDABLY...And he does!

Does this sound like a review? The truth is I have used Jeff for 30+ years. He did my home bathroom renovation, as well as  all my general contracting on my business site 15 years ago. Now he's rodding an "irreparable" septic. Everyone else wanted to replace the lines for $1000 's more. Turns out I only needed it throughly cleaned out. But that's why I trust him.

He never considered using the internet as an advertising tool. He relies on "word of mouth", and repeat clients. 

I'm doing this for him just to say "Thanks"..............and you'll say Thanks, too!

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There's no substitue for experience